High performance parts for Ford 3.5 & 3.7L Cyclone & EcoBoost V6 engines available NOW
PORTED CYLINDER HEADS The Cyclone's Cosworth-style 4-valve heads flow incredible amounts of air, over 300 CFM, when ported!


CAMS & VALVES PRINGS. High performance reduced base circle, 2 profiles available, custom grinds also available

ARP FASTENERS. Head studs, main studs, head bolts, rod bolts

FORGED PISTONS. Stock hypereutectic pistons are vulnerable to catastrophic failure in power adder applications or sustained high RPM operation in road racing/off-road applications, fix that with these custom forged pistons designed for direct replacement on the stock forged rods

4.0L FORGED STROKER KIT. The FIRST and only available all new, all forged stroker kit! Shortblocks also available.

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Take a look at some of the details of the new Cyclone engines by reading Cyclone Tech. You won’t find this kind of information or this wide availability of high performance parts anywhere else.


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